China appeals to Japan to halt export restrictions as chip war escalates

China is urging Japan to repeal restrictions on the export of chip-making technology, citing violations of international and trade regulations.

Beijing's condemnation is the latest development in the ongoing chip war between the US and China, which has seen moves from both nations to thwart each other's semiconductor manufacturing prowess.

The Japanese government's move to impose a ban on chip exports comes days after China banned the use of semiconductors manufactured by US-based chipmaker Micron, citing a cybersecurity issue.

The US Commerce Department opposed the decision, saying the restrictions have no basis in fact.

In January, the US convinced The Netherlands and Japan to join it in expanding a ban on exports of chip-making technology to China.

According to analysts, Washington's strategy to strike a deal with the two countries was a significant move, as some of the world's largest manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment are headquartered in these nations.

The US first imposed restrictions on exports of chips to China in 2015, extending them in 2021 and twice in 2022. The most recent restrictions were introduced in December.

Last week, lawmakers in the US said that Washington should look at imposing trade restrictions on Chinese memory chip maker Changxin Memory Technologies as a counter-offensive to China banning the use of Micron's chips.

However, China, according to a Reuters report, has indicated that it is open to working with Japan in key economic and trade areas despite the former condemning the export restrictions.

The US too, reportedly, has been in talks with Beijing to repeal the ban on Micron.